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Cart promotion advertising has the following several can draw lessons from

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Cart promotion advertising has the following several can draw lessons from

One, advertising channels, different channels of advertising forms are different. Such as mall, like taobao, with terminal consumers, while alibaba e-commerce site with buyers, such as different objects of different needs. More business and professional buyers concerns, advertising forms should be relatively rational, and the majority of the terminal consumer purchase as an impulsive purchase, that forms tend to perceptual expression.

Second, consumers positioning, different age, different experiences, different income groups, the focus is different, the accurate consumer crowd positioning, can make in your advertising let consumers quickly accept all kinds of information filtering is preferred in the process of the thinking. High earners may be concerned about the quality, taste, the advertisement to favour this kind of feeling, and the mass consumers may be concerned about price, it is different form.

Three, aesthetic fatigue. See a lot of people persuade with models, for example, professional film really is better than no model, it is better you take. Professional professional people do better than his own. But for advertising is not so. Most companies are a model clothes, background are similar. This is fatigue, such as some clothing advertising through specific clothing folds and accessories to make it interesting pictographic, the advertisement effect is relatively new. But is not suitable for online sales, can be used to spread the brand.

Four, competing goods analysis. Small and medium-sized enterprises, because of the large face the pressure of competition is everywhere is the competition. Can be ranked forward five in the industry or product, put these as a direct competitor, take a look at the performance of their advertising form, the market can be analyzed and other data, to set about their advertising strategy. At least in the advertisement win horizontal line on the expression of competing goods.

Five, continuity. Mentioned in the problem through customer's heart. This is a customer for a certain brand loyalty. Loyalty to the cultivation of the long-term, a lot of effort. So in advertising expression form, style need to do, to convey the content have strict consistency, to let consumers know clearly, what the brand is a brand, people have the personality, the brand has its own character. To continuously conveyed his body character.